To view my YouTube channel, click here.

Below are a few video clips of select works.


My collaboration with Patricia Rincon, who choreographed this piece. The lighting, dancing and this video installation are truly magical.

EE-@n (2007)

This video choreography explores a collaboration between dancers and videographer from a place of somatic awareness. All of the movement is improvised. The editing was improvised as well, based on a poetic point of departure. The storyboard looked more like a mind-map rather than a sequence of squares.

EE-@n was made possible thanks to the UCI Dance Department, the UCI Motion Capture studio, John Crawford and Russ Whitney.

Feedback Looping (2008)

Using the Active Space interactive media system, the dancer (Justin Keats) performs in front of a camera which projects the image of himself dancing at the same time, creating a video feedback loop. Active Space modifies the projected image with video effects. The audio is very low, but it is basically me giving a lecture over soft music. To see a diagram of my media setup, go to my writing page and click on the FeedbackLooping diagram file.

Feedback Looping was made possible thanks to the UCI Dance Department,  Justin Keats (performing) and the Active Space interactive performance system developed by John Crawford. Additional software by Natalia Valerdi.


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