Here are a few links to photo galleries of projects I have created or participated in. You can also select the galleries through the drop-down menu under “projects.” They are in chronological order starting with the most recent.

In Spite of It.  2012, 2013. Performer and artistic collaborator.

BODYPARTS.  2010, 2013. Performer, artistic collaborator and Projections Designer.

/hom/.  2012.  Performer and artistic collaborator.

AIA Connected.  2012. Choreographer and Projections Designer.

Clouds in my Room.  2013.  Projection Designer.

Mid-Air Trio.  2009-ongoing.  Dance improviser.

One Hundred Feet.  2010-2012.  Projection Designer.

Protest Dance.  2012.  Projection Designer.

Aenis.  2009.  Choreographer.

EE-@n. 2008. Dance Film. Choreographer, Camera Operator and Producer.

Snow in June.  2006.  Dancer.

White Dreams.  2007.  Choreographer, Set Designer and Projection Designer.



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