Downloading 100 FEET

Yolande Snaith's "100 Feet." Photo by Jim Carmody.

Photo by Jim Carmody

Earlier this month I participated in Cal Lab Kitchen’s showing of 100 Feet, a solo conceived and choreographed by Yolande Snaith, with sound design by Nick Drahser. The projection work I’ve been doing for this piece is still using the same material from last year’s version, but the timing, the sequence, the interaction with the images is quite different. I’ve committed to using VPT for this piece, and as long as my Korg sliders work, the projections go on live and I’m a happy camper.

I’ve come to realize the existentialist core of this piece. I have to say that Nick’s music is instrumental in this process, no pun intended. After talking to Yolande, she made it clear which of the 50 women’s voices is at that existentialist core:

The minute you or anybody else knows what you are you are not it, you are what you or anybody else knows you are and as everything in living is made up of finding out what you are it is extraordinarily difficult really not to know what you are and yet to be that thing. -Gertrude Stein

To see Jim Carmody’s photos of this private showing visit

Save the date for the full performance of 100 Feet at Space 4 Art October 27-28 @ 8:PM.


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