CoTA Exhibition Closing Reception

CoTA Reception Summer 2012

Collaborations: Teachers and Artists is holding its (our) Closing Reception on Saturday, August 18th @ 11:00 AM at the South Chula Vista Public Library.  Come and see what the results are of sharing the art-making process with children across San Diego County.  It’s been about 1 1/2 years since I’ve started working with CoTA (I’m still fairly new at it), a tight knit group of artists working diligently with children in inner-city schools, training teachers to use the arts to enhance their standards-based teaching. The visual artist in me continues to open through this work. See some of it at

I’ve also started working diligently on the video installation design of 100 Feet with choreographer Yolande Snaith and now sound designer Nick Drasher. Yolande is completely re-working her solo and its very exciting to see the new developments take shape. The performance is coming up on October 25 & 25 at Space 4 Art, so stay tuned. It’s going to be everything BUT soporific.

Last but not least, as Assistant Director of the Patricia Rincon Dance Collective, I announce that the company will have a workshop-audition in September. The date is to be announced.

See you here, there and everywhere.


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